Find, Source, and Launch a Winning Product

Have a product idea you're passionate about, but not sure how to bring it to market?

Want a piece of the 300+ billion dollars sold by third party sellers each year on Amazon?

You might be a good fit for our Business Development program, where we partner with you to find and launch a profitable brand on Amazon.

What is this service?

This is not a course, a coaching program or anything like that. This is a partnership

We have spent over a decade developing ecommerce brands, software and training. Over the years, our goal has been to build a system that helps people get the best results to launch and scale their brand.

After working with thousands of brands though, we've found the best way to help get results is to work directly with entrepreneurs on a one-on-one basis. 

If you are serious about building a 6, 7, or 8-figure brand and want a partner committed to your success, this is for you. 

If selected, you will personally work with our team to:

Determine the Right Product Category and Niche:
We will work directly with you to help you determine the exact category and products you should develop. Our goal is to find a product that (1) you have a passion for, (2) is aligned with your investment amount, and (3) has established demand in an unsaturated market. We are not just looking for any initial product, but for something that can turn into a complete product line. 

Develop and Source a Product:
After we determine the right product, you will work directly with our partners in China to engineer and produce the product. This is the same team we use for all of our own products. Whether we are sourcing something simple or a complex custom product, these partners have you covered. 

Supply Chain Logistics
We will help you set up all the logistics for your products. From packing, freight forwarding from China, warehousing, and using FBA — it's all  taken care of.

Product Launch
Once your product is ready to sell, our team will take product photography, shoot a video ad, create your Amazon listing, Optimize your Amazon SEO, run Amazon ads, run promotions to our network of over 500,000 Amazon shoppers on, and more.

Ongoing Support
After your product is launched, our team will stick around to help support the product and (when needed) we will help train your internal team.

Optimize for Profit or Exit
Once the business has scaled, we will help you optimize the business and supply chain for maximizing profits. If you would like, we will help you find a buyer for your brand so you can cash out and move on to other opportunities.

This is a good opportunity for you if:

  • You are already a successful entrepreneur in other areas and looking to expand into physical products
  • You have at least $30,000 to invest in developing a new product
  • You are have a long term vision and understand that building a successful business is not easy or fast
  • ​You are willing and able to bring as much passion to this project as we will
  • ​You understand that all businesses have risk and there is no guarantee of success, especially not without pivoting when necessary

You should NOT apply if:

  • You already understand everything about creating and developing physical product companies and you don’t need help
  • You are just looking for a quick or easy way to make some extra money
  • ​You don’t have enough capital at least $30,000 to invest in developing a new product
  • ​You are not willing to risk losing money in starting a new business

If this might be the right partnership for you, apply now.

If this sounds like something you could be a part of, we encourage you to apply. Please bear in mind we have to be selective about who we work with however, because this is still a partnership. If we think you will be a good fit, we will schedule a call so you can ask questions and learn more. 

We prefer to work with sellers who have great product or category ideas, but if you have the budget for expert market research (and a willingness to follow our advice about what is worth investing in), we will take this into account.

Common Questions

If you are so good at building Amazon businesses, why not just build them yourself?

We do own and operate several successful ecommerce businesses. But starting a successful Amazon business requires a large capital investment. Most of our capital is used to grow our current brands. There are thousands of great opportunities on Amazon, but we only have enough capital to take advantage of a few. This allows us to partner with likeminded entrepreneurs to grow faster. 

How much do you charge?

We charge an upfront fee to cover expenses of our team, dependent on the level of service you require. Once your product is launched, we earn a percentage of revenue, and a cut of the buyout fee in the event you sell the business. 

If our team is actively managing your products, the percentage of revenue must meet our minimum monthly amount. Once you have your own team in place, we will only collect our revenue share (without the fee). The monthly fee and revenue share depend on how aggressive your project is. If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind, complicated product, the minimum fee will  be higher, because these products inherently require more work than a simple product does.

How long does it take to start making revenue?

Developing a product can take a long time, especially if you are engineering something complex. You could spend over a year just developing drawings, prototypes etc. That said, we suggest starting with less complex products. Even in this case, it can easily take 6-12 months (and sometimes more) to determine the best niche, get the product developed, and get it shipped to market.
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